Most Beautiful Deserts to Travel to in the World

When people hear of desserts, they think of hot scorching terrains that are barren and unbearable. Yes, it might be so but did you know that desserts are some of the best tourist attractions in the world. We are talking of golden dunes, clean dunes, and perfect gold crisp sunsets. The defining sand ripples clearly are nature’s wonder. We know that online casino games are very lucrative but a break is needed here and there to visit some exciting dessert areas around the world. Let us look at the perfect selections we have selected for you.

1.     Sud Lipez, Bolivia

When we are talking about high-altitude dry places on earth, Sud Lipez is one of those places to be mentioned first. It is a sun-kissed outlandish area with deep volcanic depressions with hued copper. In actual fact, Sud Lipez is almost parallel to Salar de Uyuni. It’s incredible taking a trip there because of the salt flats’ somewhat unearthly terrains across the globe visit for more.

2.     Ennedi, Chad

Popularly known as ‘Eden in the Sahara’, it is that ultimate northern Chad pride. Expect sand, water and wind-sculpted rocks. Its a natures wonder found in the middle of a desert area. We recommend that you select this destination because it is a renowned world heritage site which is like no other. With so much biodiversity, you wouldn’t think of any place better.

3.     Namib, Namibia

What an African pride it is! It’s like you are about to dive into a sea of sand. Namib has some of the best sunsets in the world. The flawless reach of sand runs over 1,200 miles along the great Atlantic ocean. Namib is surprisingly the world’s oldest desert. Another majestic natural feature lies on the coast. The way golden sand touches water edges is spectacular.

4.     Sahara, Morocco

Did you know that Sahara desert is the largest desert on earth, well if you didn’t know how you do? Expect large plains of sand, plateaus made of sand, a golden outlandish area of sand, and a few camel riders here and there. Wait at sunset and witness what is renowned as the best sundown ever.


Looking at dessert areas, they are vast natural masses of sand and rock. You get to enjoy nature’s best by simply riding a camel, a four-wheeled motorbike, or taking a serial walk during sundown. The feeling is all in all amazing, captivating and fantastic for a place labeled as a scorcher. We recommend these places for your future visits. They are there for your audience and there is nowhere else you can find a golden sunset, it’s surely a beauty.

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