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If You Got Stuck With Your Homework

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The first thing to understand when you are at the point of giving up because you are stuck with your homework, is to know that you are not alone. There are millions of students who get stuck with their homework and many of them on a regular basis. You are not the only one who is in this situation.

Sometimes sitting at the desk and scratching your head thinking that you just can't make the homework make sense is the right time for you to walk away. This means you take a break. You don't go on an overseas holiday. But you could take the dog for a walk or go and play some music or read a book or do something completely different from the work you are doing with your homework. A change is as good as a holiday as they say.

Your parents or your brother or sister may be able to help you with your college homework. They may know a way around the problem you are facing. If you have a good relationship with your family, they should be able to at least talk to you about what is getting you down. Don't forget your family could be your best supporters.

Know that it is your teacher or teachers who have created the homework for you in the first place, sp the logical place to go for assistance if you're having trouble with your homework is to your teacher or teachers. Explain why you are stuck with your homework. They may have some ideas on how you can overcome your problem. That's what they're there for, to help you with your homework. Don't be afraid to ask.


So the practical steps you can take to get yourself out of this predicament are the next.

  • walk away
  • talk to your parents or siblings
  • go online
  • talk to your teachers

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