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College Algebra Homework Help: 7 Helpful Tips

How to do well in College Algebra:

Math is usually always the class that students dislike the most, this is because it can be very hard and students get lost very fast and not be able to get caught back up once they are lost. But with that in mind if you are a college student and are either taking an algebra class for the first time or if you are coming back around for round two then you need to know that you can pass this class, do not be afraid and do not let any of the equations or problems scare you or stress you out. One thing you should do before and after the class as well as once in the middle of the class is to take a math placement test, figure out how you rank when you start and then keep track of it by taking the test again half way through the term and when everything is all said and done take another one to ensure you remember everything you have learned.

7 helpful tips and more:

  • Consider using different methods in order to understand concepts better, such as mind mapping
  • The key to understanding algebra is to practice the formulas and write everything out longhand, see if you can get your hands on sample tests and the answers to them, make flash cards and quiz yourself
  • If you can buy the materials you need for the class as soon as you can before the class starts so you can go ahead and be ahead in front of everyone else, the teacher is only there to guide in college algebra, you have to do the work in order to understand it
  • Record the class times, write down when projects are due as well as when you are going to have exams, study sessions and quizzes
  • Being in every class is beneficial to you, even the optional ones, going to every class will let you practice everything you were taught and seek help when you need it
  • Write down and or draw everything that is written on the boards, even if notes are handed to you, still write down notes, doing this reiterates what is being said, it lets you remember everything better
  • When it comes to the homework, do it and double check it, if you have even the slightest concern about something write it down and question it

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