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I Need Help With My Pre-Algebra Homework: 6 Places To Check

Pre-Algebra can be confusing and sometimes people need help solving the problems that it poses. Here are six places you can check if you need help with your pre-algebra homework.

Six places to check for help

  1. Mathway - Mathway would have to be the first option on the list. Mathway helps solve problems. It gives answers but with the free version it does not show the work for the problems. However, by using the paid service, you not only have the answers but you now have how those answers were derived. Mathway is an extremely useful tool and can be used in several different types of math including pre-algebra. It solves algebraic equations and expressions. It is also useful for graphing questions.

  2. Your Instructor - If there is something in your homework you do not understand, the best thing to do is talk to the instructor of your pre-algebra class who dispensed the homework. Talk to your instructor and let him/her know what problems you are having trouble with and see if they are available to give you extra lessons one-on-one or clarify a few of the problems you have an issue with.

  3. Get a Tutor - Many schools provide tutoring services for a variety of subject areas including pre-algebra. If you are not sure whether or not your school has one, find out. If you know the school has one, get information on it and decide if it would be a viable option for you. If your school does not provide tutoring service, then you can check online. There are many online tutors available. However, most of them cost money. If you are really interested, hopefully, money is no object. You should also consider getting help outside of school and online in the form of a face-to-face tutor.

  4. Algebra.com - The Algebra.com website provides help for students studying algebra. Apart from providing problem-solving services, they also provide free tutors to assist you with your work.

  5. Khan Academy - Khan Academy is a free service online that students can use. It deals with a variety of subject areas, and math is just one of them. It provides instructional how-to videos that show you how to solve certain problems in math. It simplifies things and makes them a lot easier to understand.

  6. YouTube - Find videos on YouTube with people solving problems on the topics that you are doing. There are many videos that people post that may prove beneficial to you. The videos are usually short, and they save a lot of time. You can also read the comments under each video to see if the video is actually helpful and worth watching before you spend your valuable time watching it.

Even though some people find pre-algebra to be complicated, if you practice and use the suggestions above then you will have no problem doing well on your exams and tests.

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