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Should you only limit yourself to the use of online resources when doing your psychology homework?

Most people will say you should use more resources when doing writing assignments such as psychology homework. Online sources can be a good start and in some cases, they may present the most recent data for your topic. In other cases, it may not be a good idea to rely just on online resources. It depends on your topic and what it needs. Online resources is convenient and may provide the insight you want quickly, but if your psychology homework states to use variations of resources, this may not be limited to just those online.

  • Your Guidelines May Call for Use of Multiple Sources
  • There are students who feel they could get away with doing their homework with the use of online sources only. But, guidelines for an assignment may require more than one source. This could include online and offline print content. You need to pay attention to your topic and what information you need. Online sources may not be enough to help you get your homework done. On the other hand, reliable websites with updated information may be enough to help you get your work done with quality content.

  • More Sources Means More Interesting Details for Your Topic
  • Keep in mind your homework may benefit from using more than one source. If your homework states to use online sources consider using those with compelling and intriguing content. This may include pictures, graphs and other written content such as facts. Your guidelines may not reference offline sources, but this doesn’t mean you cannot consider them. If you are familiar with a few reliable sources related to psychology you may find some information your homework can use. Be selective and compare information accordingly.

  • Online Resources Can Be a Good Start but You Can Include Print Material
  • Mixing your resources can help you get more information. It is understandable to consider online sources only. Most online sources provide updated material. Print sources may not have new information so soon. You can consider scholar journals, magazines and newspapers for additional content. You can read psychology publications as well to learn results of latest studies. So in understanding whether you should limit yourself to using online sources, some instructors may say no to this, but it widely depends on the work you are doing and the information you need.

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