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How To Do My Homework Quickly: Tactics And Strategies

If each teacher were to assign thirty minutes to an hour of homework, you could spend three-four hours each night doing your assignments. This would take a large chunk out of your life. And doing that much work after eight hours of school would be exhausting. There are some very reliable tactics and strategies for doing your nightly assignments in little time.

Tactics and Strategies

  • Down Time at School: If you consider your day, you will see that you have downtime at school during your average day. You should take those end of the class, end of lunch, and independent times, and do as much work as you can. You may be able to complete up to an hour’s worth of duties.
  • Not Right Away: This sounds odd, but you should not hit the books the minute you walk in the door. Studies have shown that students need a breather after school. You should have a snack and the take an hour to recharge and do something of personal interest to you. After you have relaxed a bit, then you can start your assignments.
  • Mix Things Up: Mix up the interesting subjects and the ones that take longer. Create a sense of variety in your system, so you are not bored to death. At the end of the regular nightly work, you can the address any long term papers or projects you might have to do.
  • Be Smart: I always tell my parents that there will be missed work. If the entire family has planned an outing to a play, the homework may not be completed. However, the world will not stop spinning and no grade should be drastically impacted. There will be missed homework, relax. Just do not let this become a pattern.
  • With Friends: Consider working on some of the assignments with friends. As long as the workload is balanced and fair, this should not be a problem. Any teacher in the modern world can tell you that collaboration is a very effective study tool.

As you seek to decrease nightly assignment time, use your down time at school, give yourself a breather when you get home, mix up the work, know you may have a missed assignment, and try working with friends. Keeping these five rules in mind will make your homework go quicker every single time.

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