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Good Ideas for Finding Earth Science Homework Answers

Earth science is generally offered to students in grades 7 to 9. The subject has a lot of nightly assignments, and it can be a bit overwhelming if there is not a plan. There are several places where a student can go to find the correct answers and solutions.

Good Ideas on Where to Get Earth Science Assignment Solutions

  • The textbook site-the publishers of textbooks have added supplemental materials at the website. They also have solutions to some of the odd questions. You may need a user name and a password in order to access the publisher sites. Email the company or ask your teacher to help you with these codes. You can also look at the sites of all publishers for this subject for answers.
  • The textbook-many of the actual hard copy books have solutions to the odd questions at the back of the actual book. You can pick up old textbooks for less than $10.00. If you can find some other books on the same subject, you can use those solutions for your class.
  • Online-if you can find a good online center then you can get some help with your nightly work. You can join the group and when needed, you can present your problems for solving. You should spend a lot of time looking for the group, which is the absolute best fit for you. Take the time to look around for the best site before the class starts, so you are ready when you need some help.
  • In the lab- if you can go to the lab during the extra help time, then you can find some of the solutions you need for your work. The labs will have someone to help you in there, and they can assist you as needed.
  • With a study group- either join a study group or create a study group. You can find the group who meets your needs or you can ask peers to join you. You will be looking for students who care about their studies, students who are responsible, ones who do their work, and ones who compete the tasks in a timely fashion. You will need to decide if you want to meet online or meet in person. Everyone will need to be in agreement as to where, when, and how to meet to work on the problems.

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