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How to complete social studies homework on your own

Homework is a way of solidifying your knowledge of a particular topic by completing extra work outside of the classroom. The grades you receive for your homework are a way of measuring your comprehension. There are different homework assignments you might receive which vary in terms of difficulty. When you are trying to complete social studies homework, it is best to follow these steps:

  1. Make a list. You will find that it is easier to tackle a large assignment if you have a list of goals or things to do. This list should have all of the items you have due, ranked in order of what you need to do. The order is often contingent upon due dates or steps necessary to complete an assignment.

  2. For example: if you have a social studies question and answer sheet, you may not be able to start it until you read the corresponding chapter. In that situation, you will need to put “read Chapter X” before “finish question and answer sheet” on your list of things to do. If you have a short comparison paragraph due the day before your question and answer sheet, then it should be listed before reading the chapter and completing the question and answer sheet.

  3. Start doing one at a time. This may seem remedial, but students often find themselves overwhelmed when they start mentally listing all of the things they need to do, and especially when they begin to write them down. This can make your assignments seem much larger than they are. So it is important that after the list is made, you begin tackling one thing at a time. Sit everything else aside. If your comparison paragraph is due first, then get the materials you will need for it and begin immediately, while setting everything for the rest of your homework aside.

  4. Mark it off. After you finish one piece of your homework, mark it off on your list. This will help you visualize the completion of your work and determine what lies ahead. You will feel a sense of accomplishment as you continue to mark things off, which will help motivate you to keep going.

If you don’t understand an assignment, try reading it over and replacing the words you know with smaller words. For example: if your homework assignment says “read chapter 6 and analyze the effects of the Boston Tea Party on contemporary British rule in the colonies”, you should make sure you understand the sentence. If you don’t understand a word and you cannot substitute it for something more colloquial, then look it up. Replace the word “analyze” with “see what” so that the new sentence reads “see what the effects were”. This will make it easier to comprehend and will help you finish your homework on your own.

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