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Best sources of trigonometry homework help offline.

Having access to the internet for trigonometry homework can be both a blessing and a curse: we can find answers to our problems, but can also become distracted and end up procrastinating. Another problem with internet support is that we can become dependent on it, and can find ourselves stumped when we are without it. So, how can you support your trigonometry homework when you are offline? Here are some suggestions.


Your tutor or course coordinator will be able to inform you of the best books. In addition, material in books relating to trigonometry is usually reliable, laid out in a coherent way, and most likely constructed with the target audience in mind, so you will not get overwhelmed, as you might when sifting through hundreds of pages containing trigonometry material on the internet, and trying to work out which information is actually relevant for the question you have in mind. Pay close attention to tables and figures illustrating rules and formulas; these will come in handy whilst doing your trigonometry homework and it is a good idea to write these down on an easily accessible poster or card, so that you can refer to these formulas during your work.

Printouts from Course

Your course tutor will understand the most likely causes of difficulty in the homework they have set for you. They should be able to either provide you with printed material which will help in your particular problem, or, if not, they should be able to tell you where to get it.

Computer Programmes

There are many software programmes which are easily downloadable, and often free or open source, which can provide you with as much support as internet based programmes. Of course, as with books and printouts, you will have to ensure that you download the programme before you need it, or before you are without internet access!

Group Work

Study groups can provide an excellent medium for maximizing group knowledge; you may all have the answers to different problems, and if a course-mate explains something then you may be able to understand something that that tutor has not been able to communicate.

The internet is a new phenomenon. Even though we may have had access to it for all of our school lives, many hundreds of generations have managed to solve math problems without it. The benefits are that you will become more confident with a knowledge that does not require a Wi-Fi access!

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