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A Quick Guide To Multitasking While Doing Homework

If you are struggling to find ways of doing your homework as efficiently as possible then you may wish to find out more about multitasking while doing the work. There are various ways to help you to multitask, as well as to avoid things that may make multitasking more difficult. The following provides a range of advice in order to help you.

Avoid unnecessary distractions that do not help you

If you tend to listen to music whilst doing your homework then you may wish to turn it off and see whether this helps. It may well be that certain types of music enable you to multitask, such as music without lyrics; however, it may be the case that music acts as a distraction and prevents you from multitasking as effectively as possible.

As well as music, there are other distractions that can be good to avoid, such as having a social media websites open on your computer, mobile phones turned on and ready to accept personal calls, as well as a wide range of other distractions. By cutting out distracting influences, you can help to focus more on the task at hand, which can improve your ability to multitask.

Carry out tasks in batches

If you have a major piece of homework to do then you may wish to carry out the various tasks required in batches. For example, if you’re writing different things about different topics then you may wish to ensure that all the topics of a similar nature are put into individual batches as this can help to minimise research time for each individual topic. Essentially, by carried out the work in relevant batches you can increase efficiency.

Combine research methods wherever possible

One final thing to help you to multitask whilst doing your homework is to try and combine research methods wherever possible. For example, if you’re studying one of the social sciences and part of your homework is to write a major essay in which you need to find out information which is gathered from members of the general public then you may wish to use interviews and questionnaires as part of your research. Rather than carrying out the interviews separately to the questionnaires, you may wish to have the questionnaires as a further section at the end of the interview. This saves time in finding willing volunteers to speak to, making the process more efficient.

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