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Useful math homework tips for 1st grade

If your 1st grader was reading this right now they would be saying to you ‘make it fun’.

Seriously, the math homework they will be asked to do at home as a 1st grader will do the following.

  • - Help them take responsibility for their learning.
  • - Start good learning patterns.
  • - Reinforces what they have learned at school.
  • - Motivates learning.
  • - Helps parents keep up to date with their child’s learning.

Before your child started school, you were encouraging knowledge of math concepts through sorting and matching, perhaps through activities such as setting the table for a meal (making sure that everyone has a plate, napkin and fork. Now your child is a 1st grader you can build on this.

Every family has a busy schedule, and it is important that you find ways to show your child how there is math in nearly everything we do such as cooking, baking etc.

Looking for math opportunities in the home.

  • 1. Play counting on games, such as Chutes and Ladders, or make your own board game with your child. Pick out things that interest them and decide on the rules together.
  • 2. Dominos or checkers, not only help with math they also help with strategy.
  • 3. Help them make sets of a particular number, say sets of 5, help them see the relationship between the numbers that can make 5. Take this a stage further and get the child to make a picture items that make sets of 5.
  • 4. Let them help with laundry and make sets of 2 or pairs as in socks.
  • 5. Have a set of objects (kitchen objects ) , say about 10 items and sort in different ways (color, size, shape or even sets of light and heavy) then try with a larger set.
  • 6. If you are using a star chart in the kitchen, talk about all the different item s of information you can get from that one chart.
  • 7. Try to think how many ways you use math in the home, Planning meals, shopping etc. and share this with your child.

Setting the scene for math homework.

  • - Let the child have a break when they get home from school. A little down time and a snack. This will energize them.
  • - Show your interest in their work. They will probably only have 10minutees worth of homework, but make it pleasurable. Let them have the dining table or kitchen table to work on. Make the child feel special.
  • - If the child has math cards, get blocks or toy cars so they have something concrete to move around to represent the numbers. Use a number line. Can be fun making one for use at home.
  • - Praise them for concentrating and staying on task.
  • - Write positive comments in their home school book.


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