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Kindergarten Math Homework – The Greatest Help for the Smallest

It’s never too early to start a good habit in children and there’s no better way to prepare them for the next level, in this case 1st grade, by having them practice good homework habits. Math is the perfect medium to start with too. There are flash cards and games with numbers. Matter of fact you can turn math into a game, such as counting something healthy like raisins and every time they count and get it right they can eat their answer. It’s a good way to turn math homework time into something regular you can do together and that’s fun for the both of you. Also promotes healthy snacking habits.

Math homework with your child is time to spend together

Spending time with your little ones doing simple tasks that get rewarded such as with a treat or a video they like. Make homework time, fun with mom and dad time. Something they can use as a building block to get them started in developing good skills and habits. Math can be frustrating when the only number you really know is to hold up how many fingers to show how old you are. Starting math homework with your child is a great building block for what’s to come in the future down the road as far as school and homework are concerned.

Ways to make kindergarten math on a regular schedule and fun for your little one

  • Reward correct answers with a healthy treat
  • After homework time, do something together like watch a video
  • Turn flash cards into a fun game
  • Be sure to show them how proud you are when they get an answer right
  • Try to set a time for homework the same time every day they can look forward to and learn a schedule for homework time

You want your kids to be ready and confident when they attempt learning math in class and the greatest help for the smallest children is support and love from their family. Math can be a bit frustrating so find a way to make the time fun and not overwhelming. Spending time together with your child as they learn and prepare themselves for the next step up to 1st grade that there’s homework time and play time. Let them learn now by spending homework time with them helping to guide them into good habits with early kindergarten math homework habits.

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