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Essential Academic Hints for Students Having Problems with Their Math Homework

Math is a subject essential to the everyday life of humans all around the world. Whether it comes to calculating the tip that should be left at a restaurant, exchange rates, paying a cashier or working the stock market one fact remains the same; they all involve numbers. Understanding how to use math, especially simple arithmetic, makes sure you do not look silly on your first date when you do not know how much a 15% tip is. It also ensures that you are not ripped off my a cable company when your monthly bill comes in. If one is struggling with their math homework, a few suggestions on how to do better are as follows:

  • Teachers
  • Friends
  • Experience
  • Media: Print and Digital
  • Practice


The smartest person when it comes to doing one’s math homework is the person prescribing it in the first place. Teachers almost always have university degrees and teaching credentials from a state organization to prove that they are capable, by law, of instructing students in the subject matter they are instructing.


Although younger students do not want to be seen as lacking intelligence to their peers, sometimes they are the better ones to explain an assignment. Students often come up with silly phrases to remember things as simply as the orders of operations: Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally.


If a student is struggling before an assignment is due, they should ask someone that has experience in the subject. One can always go to their mother, father, brother or sister in order to ask them how to multiply a fraction or solve for x. Sometimes experience is the link needed to solve a problem.

Media: Print and Digital

With how much time young adults spend on the internet, if they are struggling with an equation they should consult a website that can help them if their textbook cannot. Games exist today on the internet for students to practice their math skills by solving math problems to get a chicken to cross the street, amongst others. For higher level mathematics, videos can be watched to see someone else do the same type of problem in order to help the student complete theirs.


As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. If a student continues to practice basic math or complex math, as long as they keep their minds flowing, they will be successful in their attempts at doing math for the long haul.

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