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Meeting the Timescales: How to Complete Homework Assignments in Time

If you often struggle with completing your homework assignments on time then it is high time you start to incorporate new and exciting time management ideas. Students often fail to complete homework assignments on time because they don’t stay cognizant of the due dates or they forget about them entirely. This can easily be rectified with a few key tactics:

  1. When the semester starts you should get a large monthly calendar into which you place each due date. Many classes will give you a syllabus that lists the major due dates for papers or when an exam is taking place. If you are required to log onto the class website and comment on other student’s comments each week this will be stated in the syllabus too. It is important that you write all of these due dates and assignments and exams down into the large monthly calendar. If you can look at a whole month at a time and see everything that is due you will be better prepared to manage your time.
  2. You should also use a weekly calendar into which you list homework assignments that are given out that week. The same calendar should be used for all of your courses. This will enable you to keep track of every assignment for every course in one place.
  3. You should keep an assignment log that lists the week and the days and the course. You can write down each new task and check it off or cross it off after you finish it. This is where you can put a set of math problems as well as your science lab questions and your English reading.
  4. You need to do homework each day. Chances are you will have enough homework to keep yourself busy each day but on the days that you think you are completely free you should still work during your study period. Set aside the same time each day during which you do homework. If you have nothing listed on your assignment sheet then you should look at your weekly or monthly calendar and see what other assignments you can get a jump start on. Doing a little bit each day will ensure nothing falls to the wayside and that you can get every homework assignment done on time for every one of your classes.

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