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Chemistry homework assignments: in pursuit of help

If you need help with your chemistry homework assignment, whether that’s with elements, atoms, acids, solutions, gases or a wider variety of topics, here are some useful tips that may help:

  1. 1. Look back through your class notes, and text-books. Your homework should be based on what you’ve previously covered in class or have been building towards. This should be a good starting point for you.

  2. 2. Draw on the help of your fellow students – it can be useful to share email addresses with each other, or perhaps set up an online discussion forum for homework topics (though do keep them on topic, any other social chat should be confined to other social-media). Have study/revision groups to help one another.

  3. 3. Depending on what you’re stuck on, you could ask the help of friends and relatives if they’re knowledgeable in chemistry.

  4. 4. You can make good use of the library and the librarians there, to point you in the right direction of text books that may help.

  5. 5. If you’ve made every effort to try and find out the answers to your homework using the above tactics, then I’d next suggest contacting your tutor, explaining where you’re stuck, and what you’ve done so far, and ask for their help. If you’re stuck after doing all the above, it’s highly likely that your fellow students may be too, and your tutor can address this.

  6. 6. You can also access help with chemistry homework online. Study Pool is a site where you can type a question, and online tutors will endeavour to answer this for you. Your question needs to be concise in 250 words. Easy questions are free, but if you want your question answered more urgently or if you have a complex question then there is a charge for this.

  7. 7. About.com Chemistry has a whole host of resources such as study guides, examples of problems, converters, handy glossaries and an ‘Ask the Expert’ section which has Frequently Asked Questions, and a helpful discussion forum.

  8. 8. There are a number of sites that offer online chemistry tutors – whereby you pay per hour for their tutor advice. Whilst this is obviously a service that some people find useful, it would seem sensible to contact your own chemistry tutor who is there to help you, as a first port of call.

  9. 9. Via Ciff Notes, there are currently over 500 free chemistry practice questions and quizzes. Depending on what level you’re studying at, the BBC also contains some chemistry aimed at UK GCSE level and can be useful for revision purposes

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