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Homework help: Social Studies Vital Prompts

Social studies is an interesting and inspiring subject, which can be can be even more fascinating with a creative approach and imagination. To make it really interesting and involving for everyone who reads it, not only for the teacher, there are various ways to go about doing your homework, and things to think about. Here are several tips and prompts to implement in your home assignment in order to liven it up a little:

  • Dinner out with a historical figure
  • This one is pretty standard, yet it stimulates the mind and imagination. It can provide insight into your own perception of historically significant people and let you choose which one is your favourite. You have to write about which historical figure you would have dinner with and why. What you would ask them, what you would want to talk about, what issues you would discuss. This trick gives you a connection between reality and history, between the past and the present. This could be a really useful tool.

  • Humanity case
  • If you were asked to speak of the merits of humanity, providing an example of a single historical person to back your argument, who would it be and for what reason? What about a negative example? For what reasons? This would definitely be worth thinking and writing about.

  • 100 years
  • Try predicting how the world will change in the 100 years to come: technologically, socially, how life will evolve, how people will be spending their days and what politics will look like. It’s really helpful to look back at the past 100 years and analyze in what ways the world has changed over that period. This exercise gives you some sort of perspective on things.

  • The eliminated necessity scenario
  • It could be interesting to speculate on the topic of what the world would look like if every single human being was provided with necessary food and shelter without having to work to survive. Isn’t it fascinating to imagine what would happen then? Write an essay about that.

  • Counterfactual history
  • It is a pretty big concept to grasp, however this could turn out to be very interesting and stimulating work. Imagining how the world would have been different if some major things in history had not happened, or had changed direction. One important historic occurrence at a time is plenty. For example, if the Americas were discovered by the Asians, not the Europeans, or if the Roman Empire never fell, or if the first world war never happened.

There are a lot more ideas one could come up with to inspire curiosity and fascination with the subject and to explore this enormous field with live interest. In order to come up with a project or an essay topic, one should try thinking out of the box, being sincerely interested in answers to the questions you’re asking, and just try and have some fun while studying this subject.

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