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Tips For 10th Grade Students On How To Do Social Studies Homework

Homework in social studies at 10th grade is a kind of serious research, so you will need a lot of time and concentration to cope with it. However, you can cope quickly and effectively if you follow these simple tips.

  • Prepare your working place.
  • Make sure that everything you need, all the stationery items and all the social studies reference books, are at hand in case you need them.

  • Determine the time.
  • Compose a schedule that involves the time you give to doing homework and follow it. You should remember that time flies, and there is no place for procrastination, especially with bulk projects. Try to do everything after your classes, without postponing until night in order to preserve your night sleep.

  • Start with the most complicated parts.
  • Determine the most complicated parts of your project and give them enough attention. If you are not motivated, start with the easiest ones – coping with them will give you the spirit for working on.

  • Make sure you understand it.
  • If you cannot understand the task, you should always ask the teacher for explanations while you are still in the classroom. If you discover that you do not know what they want from you when it’s too late, ask your family to help you. It’s very likely that your parents have some knowledge in social studies.

  • Avoid distraction and daydreaming.
  • Set an alarm clock to give a signal every 10 to 15 minutes. Each time it rings, make sure that you are doing your homework, not counting crows in the window. Learn how to concentrate and develop this skill with the help of small pauses for an apple or a glass of juice. Pauses are necessary for the brain to recover. Make sure that they are not too long and that you are able to return to your tasks with a fresh mind.

  • Motivate yourself.
  • Praise yourself for every part of your homework that has been completed. Take a break, open your window, breathe in some fresh air, do some exercises to improve circulation, roll your eyes from side to side, letting them have some rest and improving your concentration at the same time. Think about the things you are going to do when you are through with the project, but abort daydreaming at the moment it overcomes your mind.

  • Give your work another check.
  • In the end, check everything that you have written to see whether the work is informative, logically composed and error-free.

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