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How to organize your math homework timing successfully?

One of the reasons that homework can seem daunting is that it feels like an unwanted imposition on our lives. But, if we recognise that we MUST do our homework, and that organising it and getting it done will actually allow us to enjoy our leisure time without guilt, then it can be done more effectively and efficiently.

Set aside Time

Do not plan anything else at that time, and avoid planning anything before, which might run into that time, or anything directly after, which may make you be hasty.

Identify the Problem

You cannot solve a problem before you know what it is. So, spend a period of time reading the problem, and ensuring that you understand precisely what is being asked. Before starting to tackle the problem, make sure you understand all of variables mentioned, and if you are unsure, consult the relevant textbooks to identify each variable.

Identify Steps

Once you have formulated the problem, you need to spend time identifying the best possible way to solve the problem; how do I get from A to B, in the most efficient route, and ensuring that I end up at the designated B, and not some arbitrary or incorrect place? These steps and tools (e.g. any relevant formulas and variables) need to be written down in order, and adhered to. Some of the time you will have a clear idea on how to tackle the problem you are faced with, based on previous knowledge from your course. If however you have doubts about how to solve the task, do not despair; as this is not an indication that you have done something wrong. Searching for a solution to a problem is precisely what you should be doing – this is the essence of learning.

Consult Course Material

The final preparatory step if you have any doubts on how to solve the task should be consulting the relevant course material, either in book form or online. You should always give priority to textbooks and other materials that have been suggested during your course, as this will most likely contain precisely the kinds of information you are looking for. Once you have found the missing information, take the problem, and begin methodically going through your steps in order to solve it.

Maths is method, and it is systematic: if you follow steps, and these steps are correctly established, then it is literally impossible to go wrong. So, follow the above guidelines and math homework can become, if not a joy, at least a little less than mental torture!

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