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First Graders And Homework: How To Deal With Your Assignments Quickly

Sure enough, there is no student who loves homework less than first graders. They are still children and the last thing they want to do is to spend a few hours writing or calculating. For many parents it is a struggle to convince their child to study in the afternoon, no matter how many methods they try. The pupil does not seem to be able to focus on anything, and if you push him too much he will dislike school. Fortunately, specialists say that there are some safe methods that you can apply to convince your child to study:

  • Make him feel responsible. If you treat him like a child, he will behave like such. On the other hand, if you treat him like an adult and consider his opinions, he will be more interested in study. For example, let him know that now he is old enough to make his own choices, but that this also means he has responsibilities. He has the right to choose at what time he will start working on his homework, but he has to do it either way. He will be happy that you trust him and he will get to work right away.
  • Make it fun. For many children at this age, everything they care about is playing. Who in the world would prefer to read a few dull pages? Well, combine these two to make everything easier. Don’t tell him that it’s time to study and that he needs to put the toys away. Better, try to make him see study as a way of playing. When you are teaching him the numbers, use colored cartoons and markers with glitter. If he needs to study for biology, take him on a trip to the zoo so he can see by himself the animals he needs to describe.
  • Bring some friends. Discuss with other mothers who face the same problem and bring to your home some of his classmates. Let all of them know that once they finish the work, they can play or make cupcakes together. You can even promise a small reward to the one that finishes first. You will be surprised to see how competitive small children can be, and how fast they will finish their homework so they could play in peace. Repeat this every time your child is not in the mood for study.

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