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Why You Should Never Agree to Getting Homework Answers for Free

Respectful Submission 

Homework is something that should be undertaken seriously and respectfully.  Obtaining homework answers for free suggests that the student didn’t give his coursework the proper and due respect that it was warranted. Homework requires time and energy for research, and more time and energy to actually undertake the project. Getting homework answers from an outside source at all may be a signal that the student isn’t prepared to invest the time and energy necessary to complete the assignments. Does the student intend to get all his assignments from an outside source? What does this say about the student’s comprehension of the course material? What does it say about his dedication to academic pursuits? The student could benefit from a commitment to complete all assignments in a timely fashion, not just to satisfy the instructor but to demonstrate command of the subject and to inculcate the learning of lessons which comprise the education the student proposes to attain.

If there is an instance in which the student cannot complete his assignment on time he has the option of obtaining answers from an outside source.


There are reasons why we advise against getting free answers for his homework assignments.

  • He doesn’t know where the homework assignment originated. He doesn’t know the social, political, economic bias of the author. He doesn’t know the motivation of the person who wrote the essay or who is providing the answers.
  • Answers that are obtained for a fee must pass national standards. They meet the approval of the writing authorities, among whom are the publishers and editors of both the buyer and seller of the essay or homework assignment. Homework assignments that are purchased for a fee are more likely to be proofread and exhibit accuracy.
  • Opting to outsource for homework answers should be done judiciously for reasons stated above. Ordinarily student’s work should be original, accurate, researched, and documented. If there is a reason why the student cannot fulfill these requirements, however, continues to have a need to submit course work, homework answers purchased for a fee should be the option.
  • Homework answers that are obtained for free have questionable security as well as accuracy. The student wants to be able to go to his source and trace the authenticity of the answers he is given if necessary. This would be difficult to do if the homework answers he received were for free.

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